Public Art Plan
The Public Art Plan will provide a clear vision for the City of New Westminster and set a direction for the Public Art Program for the next ten (10) years. It will inform the development and prioritization of new projects, define clear goals and outcomes and guide future decision-making and resource allocation. The Plan will support opportunities to share the city’s history, diversity and its journey towards reconciliation while supporting the interests and practices of artists engaged in public art.

Image credit: birds on a branch by Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew


A draft public art plan was developed and presented to Council in 2018 and referred back to staff and the Public Art Advisory Committee for further consideration and development.

In 2022 a revised Public Art Policy was approved by Council reflecting the City’s commitments to equity, reconciliation and social justice. From this, it was determined that it was the right time to re-engage with the development of the plan and build a Public Art Program that is intentional, respectful and inclusive for the coming years.

At the end of 2022, a team led by AARTPLACE in collaboration with SUMO Project and an Engagement and Indigenous Advisor was selected to lead the development of the Public Art Plan.

Together they form a highly capable, diverse, multidisciplinary team with an unparalleled combination of cultural knowledge, technical understanding and curatorial excellence in the fields of community engagement, Indigenous relations, public art, art curation and urban design, among other disciplines.

Projected Completion date is planned for September 2024.


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