Urban Reforestation and Biodiversity Enhancement Initiative
2,200 new trees planted in parks and open spaces by spring 2024.

What's Happening

Approximately 2,200 new trees are being planted in parks and open spaces between fall 2021 and spring 2024, in alignment with the City's Urban Forest Management Strategy. Two classifications of trees are being planted to suit the different areas of our parks and open spaces: Caliper trees, larger at time of planting, are more appropriate for formal park spaces; Container trees, smaller at time of planting, are better suited for the pockets of space associated with natural, less-formal park areas.

Planting Locations and Schedule

Establishing locations within parks and open spaces for new tree planting includes consideration of existing utility infrastructure, recreational activities and park programs. With appropriate planting locations and species selection, we can maximize the long-term benefits of new trees towards climate resilience and adaptability, and create a more livable community for future generations.

Year Planting period Location
2021 September - December Grimston Park; Old Schoolhouse Park
2022 January - April Ryall Park; Thompson's Landing Park
September - December 370 container trees planted in 10 parks and open spaces
2023 January - April Port Royal Park; Red Boat Park; Sukh Sagar Park; Lookout Greenspace; Riverside Adventure Park; Simcoe Park; Tipperary Park; Terry Hughes Park; Mott Crescent Triangle; Jackson Triangle; Victory Heights Park; Sapperton Triangle
September - December

355 container trees planted in 3 parks and open spaces

2024 January - May Queen’s Park; Hume Park; City Hall Front Lawn; Sullivan Park; Westburnco; Moody Park


In June 2021, the City received $1.7M in provincial and federal funding for our Urban Reforestation and Biodiversity Enhancement Initiative (URBEI) as part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) – COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream (CVRIS). This funding, which will cover the cost of the current tree-planting, will help the City achieve the 27% coverage goal by 2030. 

For further information on the long-term plan to protect and enhance the urban forest, check out the city’s Urban Forest Management Strategy.

Project Contact

For additional information about this project, please contact Matthew Pilfold, Aborist Technician,