660 Quayside (Bosa Development)

Quayside Drive (600-700 block) closed for 24 hours, October 22, 2021.

For approximately 24 hours starting at 6:00 am on Friday October 22, the 600 block and 700 block of Quayside Drive (from Begbie Street to the west end of the Fraser River Discovery Centre) will be closed.

There will be no vehicular access to the Riverfront area via this road during this time, however, pedestrian, bicycle and wheelchair access will be maintained. Detours will be set up for passenger vehicles to use the McInnes Overpass and the Third Avenue Overpass, and for large trucks to use the Third Avenue Overpass only to enter and exit the Riverfront area. Please see map below showing the road closure area nd the detour routes. Please obey all signs and traffic control personnel at all times.

This closure is required for Bosa to complete a very large concrete pour for the west tower. Concrete pours require a continuous flow of concrete to be laid which means a continuous flow of cement trucks in and out of the the site. Given the size of the towers, a very large concrete pour, and therefore, numerous cement trucks are needed over the span of approximately 24 hours. The cement trucks will be travelling along Front Street and using this section of Quayside Drive. In the event of a train, the cement trucks will be temporarily re-routed to the Third Avenue Overpass. 

Expected noise from this work includes the movement of large trucks and equipment, backup beepers and construction members talking to each other. 

Bosa thanks you for your patience and understanding while they complete this work. For questions, please email