Elinor Atkins

"I am Elinor Atkins, my traditional name is Miməwqθelət – which translates to “The first bird to sing in the morning” I am a 25 year old established artist from Kwantlen First Nation  and Nɬeʔkepmx (Shakan Nation).
My art is deeply influenced by my roots in the Coastal and Interior Salish culture. Majority of my works draw from Kwantlen’s teachings or are spiritual subject matter and have very traditional influence formatted in a very contemporary way. My style is unique because of the combination between the traditional Salish design elements and modern components, such as the bright color palettes and weaving of botanicals, wildlife, and traditional teachings. Over the last six years my goal has been building my art portfolio through practicing skills in different art mediums such as wood carving, acrylic painting, murals, and illustration; as well as pursuing large scale public art opportunities and commissions that will help me grow as an Indigenous artist in the area."
Image credit: Upper Medallion - Pattullo Bridge 2024 by Elinor Atkins
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