q̓ʷɑti̓cɑ’s, Phyllis Atkins

q̓ʷɑti̓cɑ’s traditional name means that “I wear the clouds like a blanket”. She is a member of q̓ʷɑ:n̓ƛ̓ən̓ (Kwantlen) First Nation.
Phyllis learned how to paint with Barbara Boldt at the Barbara Boldt Original Art Studio in Fort Langley and studied with her for many years until she opened her own K’wy’i’y’e Spring Salmon Studio in 2012. In 2001, Phyllis had the wonderful opportunity to learn the art of hand engraving jewelry from late Master Carver Derek Wilson of Haisla, BC.
q̓ʷɑti̓cɑ is influenced by the deep connection to her ancestors, the community, and her family, but most of all she is inspired by her husband Drew Atkins.
Together we are on this great journey with our three children, our art, our hopes, and dreams and we continue to grow and learn from each other and from our children, always moving forward.
Image credit: Rivers that Connect Us by Phyllis Atkins
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