Paul de Guzman

Artist Statement:

Currently dividing my time between Manila (The Philippines) and Vancouver (Canada), my artistic practice is governed by nomadic gestures and transient objects, characterized by a concept-driven approach across a variety of media. Working in fields appropriate for each project - drawing, text, sculpture, installation, photography, video, performance and social practice - an increasingly important outcome of my current investigations recognize the roles of language, architecture and other structure-based entities as control mechanisms. My working method can be described as having an acute sensitivity toward an idea, a site, its public and its surroundings, complimented with interests in the dynamics of social interactions, social structures and post-colonial concerns. 

In 2010, I founded MAA - Museum for the Administration of Aesthetics. Currently acting as its Director, MAA is a research-based itinerant project concerned with issues surrounding the city and the social interactions involving architecture and the urban environment. MAA  collaborates with individuals and organizations on site-specific projects and curatorial presentations. As a nomadic entity, MAA utilizes various artistic methods to record and present an archive of urban and social experiences that engage with contemporary ideas relating to urbanism, post-colonialism and personal pedagogy.

Image credit: People are the City by Paul de Guzman

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