Lauren Brevner and James Harry

James Harry is a Coast Salish Artist and member of Squamish Nation using modern tools, materials and techniques to integrate the traditional with the contemporary. Committed to continuing the journey of studying and responding to the voice developed through my ancestors’ way of creating.

Lauren Brevner is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver B.C with Japanese-Trinidadian heritage roots. Her family heritage deeply inspires her practice with a focus on matriarchal influence. Her work combines traditional approaches to portrait painting with themes of cultural identity and female representation.

With our combined experiences, we are impassioned by the opportunity to create a powerful symbol for reconciliation and celebrate the beauty of collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.
Our commitment lies in collaborative efforts to craft murals that reflect the richness and diversity of Canada's history and culture. By incorporating a spectrum of artistic traditions and movements, we aim to construct a visual language that is both familiar and innovative. Ultimately, we aspire to create artwork that resonates with our shared humanity, serving as a source of pride for the New Westminster community.
Image credit: Dreamweaver by Lauren Brevner and James Harry
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