835 Royal Avenue (Brow of the Hill)

Proposed Development

An application has been received to facilitate a six-unit residential development through a Heritage Revitalization Agreement. The house on the front of the site would become a duplex (with a rental suite in one of the units) and a three unit townhouse would be built at the rear of the site. The other house currently on the site would be relocated or demolished. The agreement would permit Zoning Bylaw relaxations for greater overall floor space ratio (density), smaller front yard and courtyard setbacks for the townhouse, and a reduction of two parking spaces (visitor and rental unit). In exchange for these Zoning relaxations, the 1883 house would be fully restored and protection through a Heritage Designation Bylaw. 

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For more detailed drawings, view the reports available under Development Process, below.


There are multiple opportunities for the public to provide feedback through the application review process. The process typically includes applicant-led consultation, review by City committees and City-led consultation. The review process is iterative and revisions are considered, based on consultation feedback, throughout the process.

More information will be posted here when it is available and notice will be provided as per the Interim Development Review Process

Applicant-Led Engagement (Closed)

The applicant is was seeking feedback on the proposed project until August 31, 2020, via the website elizabethhunterhouse.ca.


  1. Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HER00737)

  2. Heritage Alteration Permit (HER00738)

  3. Heritage Designation Bylaw (HER00739)

  4. Heritage Register Listing (HER00740)

To learn more about the different tools for heritage protection and development, please click here.


This application is being reviewed using an interim development review process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more.


Please contact the Planning Division at  or 604-527-4532 regarding any questions or concerns.

Last updated: September 16, 2020