97 Braid Street (Sapperton Green)
An application has been received to build a mixed use, transit-oriented master planned community at 97 Braid Street. Located near the Braid Street SkyTrain Station, the development would include secured market rental housing, affordable housing, commercial space, a community centre, and park space.

proposed development

The site is 38.35 acres and located at the southeastern gateway to the city at the corner of Braid Street and Brunette Avenue. The Brunette Avenue / Highway 1 interchange is directly adjacent to the site and the Braid Street SkyTrain Station is also located on the site. The site is adjacent to Hume Park and is also located at the intersection of the Central Valley Greenway and the Brunette Fraser Greenway. This is a unique site in the region due to its size and proximity to a variety of transportation infrastructure. It is also near to natural, ecological and recreation amenities, including Hume Park, regional greenways, and the Brunette River.

The Master Plan concept was revised in 2020 and would include:

  • 4.2 million square feet of residential floor space, including a minimum of 1,122,000 sq. ft. of secured market rental housing, and a projected 4,700 residential units;
  • A minimum of 255,000 sq. ft. of affordable housing consistent with the City’s Inclusionary Housing Policy;
  • 750,000 (minimum) to 1.5 million (maximum) square feet of office commercial floor space;
  • approximately 100,000 to 150,000 square feet of retail commercial floor space;
  • 35,000 square foot community centre and child care space; and
  • 7.9 acres (3.2 hectares) of publicly accessible open space including:
    • 1.8 acres central park;
    • 3.5 acres of riparian area adjacent to Brunette River;
    • 0.75 acre transit plaza; and
    • Pedestrian corridors, greenways, pocket parks and accesses to Hume Park and Brunette River.

To view the concept plan, click here.


There are multiple opportunities for the public to provide feedback through the application review process. The process typically includes applicant-led consultation, review by City committees and City-led consultation. The review process is iterative and revisions are considered, based on consultation feedback, throughout the process. 

There are no scheduled consultation opportunities yet.  More information will be posted here when it is available and notice will be provided as per the Interim Development Review Process.


The Sapperton Green Website provides information on the consultation that has been undertaken to date. This site is operated by the applicant's planning consultants.

Development applications

  1. Rezoning (REZ00142)
  2. Official Community Plan Amendment (OCP00007) (Complete)

To learn more about the different kinds of development applications, please click here.

Development Process

  1. March 14, 2011: Initiation of Master Plan Process
  2. November 4, 2013: Official Community Plan Amendment Application Received
  3. June 23, 2014: Draft Sapperton Green Neighbourhood Plan
  4. July 13, 2015
    1. Proposed Official Community Plan Designation for Sapperton Green
    2. Formal Section 879 and 881 Consultation for Sapperton Green
  5. October 5, 2015: Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw First and Second Reading Report
  6. July 10, 2017
    1. Applicant Presentation to Council
    2. Sapperton Green (97 Braid Street) Master Plan Update
  7. February 24, 2020
    1. Applicant Presentation to Council
    2. Sapperton Green Update Report
  8. Upcoming: Applicant-led Consultation

The next steps for this master-planned community will be determined by the findings of the applicant-led consultation. 

This application is being reviewed using an interim development review process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more.


Please contact the Planning Division at  or 604-527-4532 regarding any questions or concerns.

Last updated: May 29, 2020