PROJECTS IN PROGRESS: Boundary Road Drainage Pump Station

Hanna Benihoud

Hanna Benihoud was commissioned to design an integrated public artwork at the Boundary Road Drainage Pump Station. Design-only opportunities allow for artists to collaborate with the design team to include public art in the overall concept of the space. 

"The idea is simple. The Pump Station design team is to be lead by a group of 6-9 year olds. The pump station will be will be a piece that embodies the inhibitions of youth and the magic of imagination." - Hanna Benihoud

Through a series of workshops, Benihoud facilitated the collection of ideas from children, which were then integrated into the project with the help of architects, landscape architects, and engineers. The design features imaginative elements such as gargoyles and a colourful landscape. Gargoyles, originating in the medieval period, were designed as ornate waterspouts to divert rainwater away from the sides of buildings, merging practicality with Gothic architectural aesthetics. The New Westminster Gargoyles, whimsically designed by children, engage in playful antics while the pump station diligently safeguards the surrounding community. A vibrant quilt enveloping both the site and its structures transitions from fluid to orderly patterns, mirroring the pump station's own rhythm of operation. This imaginative approach has resulted in a landmark that is both a functional piece of infrastructure and a testament to the potential of collaborative, inclusive design practices.

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