Projects in Progress: Irving House Artist in Residence Pilot

Holly Schmidt and Janet Wang

The Irving House Artist in Residence Pilot invites artists to explore and experiment in response to the site and surroundings of this historic home. Artists are encouraged to investigate the stories and narratives of one of British Columbia's oldest post-contact historic community sites, and to engage in dialogues that deepen a shared understanding of the role of these historic sites in our current context.

The residency aims to support artists with time, space, resources to further their research, interests and overall artistic practice. It seeks to generate new observations or perspectives, and facilitate meaningful and contemporary public art responses to the understanding of place and the overall context of Irving House.

Artists will be invited to propose their own conceptual approaches to the residency that best meet the needs of their practice. Artists are expected to engage with publics and visitors in a way that is in keeping with their practice, and which initiates reciprocal exchanges with the areas' communities, museum and public art staff, and to share their thinking and working processes through public events/talks.

It is intended that two artists are selected simultaneously, to facilitate reciprocal exchange between the artists, to share ideas and engage in peer-review. Artists are selected based on their experience working in public contexts and whose interests and artistic practice is fitting with the goals of the project. The two artists are selected simultaneously based on synergies and mutual interests in their practice; it is an opportunity not a requirement that the artists engage in dialogues and work together in any way.

Artists for the 2023 pilot residency program have been selected from the public art program Artist Roster.

This residency runs July to the end of October 2023.

Stay tuned to learn about the research and explorations that will be taking place over the next few months.

More About the Artists:

Holly Schmidt

Janet Wang