Safe Space to Move

As Provincial Health orders ease, City staff evaluated the Safe Space to Move adaptations that were put in place last year. Although the need for more open spaces is reducing, the City is committed to reallocating 10% of current street space for sustainable transportation or public gathering by 2030. As a result, some, but not all, of the Safe Space to Move changes will be returned to their pre-pandemic state. Here’s an update on the Safe Space to Move program:

Quayside/McInnes Overpass
The northbound lane on the McInnes overpass will remain closed to vehicular traffic for the remainder of summer 2021. We know that many people appreciate the additional space on the overpass for walking, rolling and wheeling. City staff will be exploring the possibility of creating increased space for non-motorized modes of transportation when the northbound lane reopens to vehicles in the fall. Until the fall, motorists will need to use either Begbie St or the Third Ave overpass to leave the Quayside neighbourhood.

Esplanade/Quayside Drive
Cycling will once again be allowed on the Esplanade. City staff will be implementing the reopening of the Esplanade to bicycles in the next few weeks. The Riverwalk is a bustling area in the summer. We ask that people cycling and using other wheeled devices keep their speeds very low and be mindful of walkers, rollers, and pets. People who want to cycle more quickly are encouraged to ride on Quayside Drive. Temporary measures will be installed along Quayside Drive to encourage motorists to drive at or below the 30-km/h speed limit.

E. Columbia Street at Lower Hume Park
In the summer of 2022, the Central Valley Greenway at E. Columbia Street near the Burnaby/Coquitlam border will be widened. In the meantime, the existing curb space will remain reallocated for walking, rolling, and cycling, but E. Columbia Street will be adjusted to provide one northbound lane and two southbound lanes for motor vehicle traffic. 

Sixth Avenue between Seventh Street and Eighth Street
This summer, changes are being made to widen the sidewalk in front of the New Westminster Public Library’s Uptown branch and at the eastbound bus stop near Eighth Street. Motor vehicle lanes near Seventh Street have been re-established. The reallocation for walking on the north side of Sixth Avenue near Save-On Foods will be retained.

Uptown Sixth & Sixth
The reallocation of the northbound lane on Sixth Street at Sixth Avenue will remain in place as the City moves ahead with the Great Streets design project in Uptown. 

Front Street between East Columbia and Begbie Street
Due to planned upgrades to the New Westminster Interceptor sewer by Metro Vancouver requiring closures and traffic interruptions along Columbia Street this summer, Front Street will not be closed to vehicle traffic on weekends in 2021.