Safe Space to Move

We’re adapting transportation to support your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes provide cyclists and pedestrians with safe space to move in our city, by providing space to maintain a safe physical distance from one another. We'll be monitoring the changes and adjust them if needed.

Front Street between East Columbia and Begbie Street is a historic commercial area of the downtown located along the Riverfront and the new Front Street Mews. Front Street street has been reallocated for pedestrians, cyclists, on weekends from 8:00 am-8:00 pm. Vehicle access to the Frontage Road remains open to maintain vehicle access to Front Street businesses, which will remain open.

Sixth St from Fifth Ave to Sixth Ave and on Belmont St from Sixth St west to the tunnel under Belmont Tower is a bustling commercial area in the Uptown neighbourhood. These streets are reallocated for bicycles and pedestrians on Saturdays this summer from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. This reallocation of road space is organized by the Uptown Business Improvement Association with support from the City of New Westminster.

Quayside/McInnes Overpass is an important walking connection between Quayside and Downtown, and connects to New Westminster SkyTrain station. The northbound motor vehicle lane on the overpass has been reallocated for walking, rolling and cycling because the sidewalk there is too narrow to allow for proper physical distancing. Motor vehicles must now use either Begbie St or the Third Ave overpass to leave the Quayside neighbourhood.

Sapperton/E Columbia St at Lower Hume Park near the Burnaby boundary is part of the Central Valley Greenway. The southbound curb lane has been reallocated for walking, rolling and cycling because the shared sidewalk is too narrow to allow for physical distancing. Motor vehicle drivers must now merge into a single, southbound lane.

Uptown/Sixth St just south of Sixth Ave is at the heart of Uptown and is a very busy corridor for walking, rolling and cycling. Three parking stalls have been reallocated on the east side of the street to allow for proper physical distancing when pedestrians wait for the traffic signal to change, to accommodate queuing for adjacent businesses, and to provide more space for people to pass each other where the sidewalk is relatively narrow. Parking is available nearby in Uptown either on-street, or off-street.

Uptown/Sixth Ave from Sixth St to Eighth St is a very busy corridor due to pedestrian access to local businesses and two bus stops in this area, which has segments of relatively narrow sidewalk. The westbound curb lane has been adjusted to provide more space for pedestrians, and the two bus stops have been relocated elsewhere along Eighth St. Transit users please note:

  • The bus stop for routes 101 and 155 is now on the other side of Eighth St
  • The bus stop for route 105 is now on Eighth St north of Sixth Ave.

Motorists can still turn left at Seventh St, and access to the Royal City Centre has been maintained at all driveways.

Sapperton, Uptown and Downtown are the major pedestrian traffic hubs in New Westminster. In order to limit possible exposure to COVID-19, pedestrian pushbuttons at intersections with traffic signals have been reprogrammed, and walk signals now come on automatically in these areas. At many of these locations, audible signals will come on automatically, but some may still need to be activated by pushing the button.