Is This Secondary Suite Authorized?

Authorized suites are sometimes also referred to as “legal” suites. Since July 6, 1998, the City has allowed the creation of one secondary suite (or authorization of one existing suite) per single detached house.

A secondary suite is authorized if it was created with a Building Permit. This is the only way a suite can be considered authorized. Payment of the secondary suite utility charge to the City does not mean a suite is authorized. To find out if your suite was created with a permit, contact the Planning Division.

What happens if a secondary suite is unauthorized?

If an unauthorized secondary suite comes to the City’s attention due to health or safety concerns, negative impacts to the neighbourhood, or a Building Permit application being submitted, the City will investigate and pursue appropriate enforcement action. This action may include the requirement to bring the suite into compliance with City bylaws or to remove the suite. To authorize a secondary suite, a Building Permit is required. See our Removing Secondary Suites section below for more information.