Utility Billing Exemptions for Secondary Suites

All properties with secondary suites are subject to secondary suite water and sewer charges; however, there are certain circumstances where a property may be eligible for exemption.

If the suite is vacant or the suite area functions as part of the house, with occupants coming and going throughout the principal dwelling and suite, then the property may be eligible for an exemption from the suite utility charges. To determine a property's eligibility, call the Planning Division. To qualify for the exemption, an affidavit called a Statutory Declaration (Stat Dec) must be signed.  By signing the Stat Dec you will be swearing under oath, as if in court, that the suite is not occupied as a separate unit, and if you decide to occupy it as a separate unit in the future you will notify the City and be aware that the secondary suite utility charge would resume. The Stat Dec signing process will take approximately five minutes.

The City will also consider “back-dating” the utility charge exemption if the secondary suite has been unoccupied as a separate unit for a period of time prior to the inspection. To qualify for a refund, you must write a letter to the Planning Division describing the occupancy of the suite, including dates of occupancy. An exemption can be granted back to the beginning of the previous calendar year.

Please note that payment of the secondary suite utility charge to the City does not mean a suite is authorized.