Lost Animals

Contact us immediately if your pet is missing. We will file a Lost Pet Report in our database and check our Found Pets Reports to see if there is a match. We can also provide you with information or phone numbers of organizations that may assist you in your search.

Some tips for looking for your lost pet:

  1. Start looking right away! Keep in mind your pet's personality: do they get spooked easily and tend to run away? If so, then you might have to expand your search beyond your immediate area. However, if your pet is very friendly towards people, chances are someone might find it before it gets too far. Knowing your pet’s behaviour will help you in your search.
  2. Distribute posters and flyers in your search area. Make sure you have a photo, and include any information about ID and/or distinguishing marks. Include your contact information – a cell phone number is best. Place posters at intersections, in front of apartment buildings, and any high visibility area. If calls from sightings come in, you should put up posters in the area that your pet was recently seen. Leave your posters up for as long as possible but remove them if you find your pet.
  3. Post a Lost Pet ad on networking sites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook. Remember to remove it if your pet is found.
  4. Check all shelters, veterinary hospitals, and pet stores in your area. Provide them with the posters that you made.