Solid Waste and Recycling Artist in Residence

Please note that the Solid Waste & Recycling Artist in Residence program is currently on hold.  Please call 604.515.3837 for more information. 

The City of New Westminster's Solid Waste and Recycling Artist in Residence program is a collaboration between the Arts Services and Engineering departments. The program will accommodate artists and artist collectives working in sculpture, print, fibre, drawing, painting, literary arts, music, dance and performance for a five month period for research, development and production of new or ongoing bodies of work. The artists will work out of the Anvil Centre and the Engineering Operations yard in New Westminster. The program encourages interdepartmental collaborations, creating opportunities for artists to engage in City services outside of the existing cultural facilities. The program will also aim to generate educational opportunities about recycling and waste management in the city, and further open discussions of urban waste and its environmental impacts. As part of the residency, the selected artist will create a project that will be installed in the public realm or on public infrastructure. In addition, the artists will facilitate an outreach project for the local community that may include school groups, youth and seniors and other public audiences to further disseminate their ideas while working in the Solid Waste and Recycling artist residency.

July - November 2018 Katherine Soucie

Katherine Soucie (BAA Fashion Design; Dip. Textile Arts; BFA, Textiles;  MAA Visual Art, Textiles) is an award winning artist and designer who specializes in transforming textile industry waste into new textiles and sculptural forms.  She studied Fashion Design in London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada before furthering her studies in Textiles and Visual Art in Vancouver. Upon establishing her studio practice in 2003, her experimentation with textile industry waste has resulted in an extensive body of work for which she has received a numerous scholarships, grants and awards.

Her use of traditional artisanal textile and garment techniques is often deconstructed and (re)imagined through the use of obsolescent textile technology and industrial sewing machinery.  The intention of her work is to explore forms of visible mending where she reverse engineer modes of production in order to honour and value the history of the discarded, castoff materials and tools she salvages. The laborious and repetitive handcraft applications performed throughout their transformation leads to unexpected and emergent forms and constructions.

Ms. Soucie is the recipient of the BC Creative Achievements Award 2006 (Canada), shortlisted for Niche Award 2007 (USA), the recipient of the International Design Green Award 2008 (USA) and recently shortlisted for the SustainArt Design Competition 2014 (UK). She was the Visiting Professor in Textiles at the Welch School of Art, Georgia State University 2013 – 2014. Ms. Soucie is the Program Director of Fashion at LaSalle College in Vancouver.


February - June 2018 Molly Marineau

During her tenure, Molly will be exploring text from recycled objects as a medium for a hybrid of sculpture and poetry. After cutting text from litter, throw-away packaging, and recyclable materials, it will be used experimentally in collage, sculpture, video, and printmaking in an exploration of how a word’s original meaning can be changed by its context, color, shape and form. Because this resource of recycled materials comes directly from the residents of New Westminster, Molly is excited to create artwork that the public can interact with to create a larger community dialog about art, resources, and consumer culture. A blog of Molly’s project and other artwork can be seen on her website at and on Instagram @mjmarineau

Video about Molly Marineau's project

Outreach Programs:

Collective City Poetry

Participate in a collaborative and ever-evolving poetry sculpture. As New Westminster’s Solid Waste and Recycling Artist in Residence, Molly Marineau has created building blocks for this participatory sculpture from words found all over the city. Come build a phrase or poem from these found-words, or donate some of your own found-words to the project. Use  #nwcitypoetry to share your work or see what others have created online. This event is free and open to people of all ages.

Old Crow Coffee Co – Saturday, April 14 1-5pm
River Market – Saturday, April 14 7-10pm
Anvil Centre Foyer – Sunday, April 15 10-12noon