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rorshach/sentinel by Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew

Call to Public Art Consultants: City of New Westminster Public Art Plan  

The City of New Westminster seeks a public art consultant to develop a Public Art Plan.

The Public Art Plan will provide a clear vision for the City of New Westminster and set a direction for the Public Art Program for the next ten (10) years. It will inform the development and prioritization of new projects, define clear goals and outcomes and guide future decision-making and resource allocation. The Plan will support opportunities to share the city’s history, diversity and its journey towards reconciliation while supporting the interests and practices of artists engaged in public art.

BUDGET: This project has a maximum budget of $40,000 (CND) excluding GST, and all costs must be within this budget.

DEADLINE:  4:30 pm on Monday, September 19, 2022 (PDT). 

PROJECT SCHEDULE: We anticipate the project to begin November 2022 and will be completed by September 2023. 

See full Call here.