Current Exhibition: Air Hugs (2021)

Air Hugs

New West Together During Covid-19

A new exhibit on the community’s resilience during the pandemic.

Gallery 7 at New Westminster Museum
3rd floor Anvil Centre

Tuesday March 31, 2021 – Sunday September 5, 2021

Get involved in the exhibition with these activities:


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Which of these popular activities did you take up during the early pandemic?

  1. Baking and/or cooking
  2. Gardening
  3. Getting a pet
  4. Working out
  5. Decluttering
  6. Bird-watching
  7. Netflix binges
  8. Animal Crossing
  9. Doomscrolling
  10. Zoom happy hour

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Share Your Experiences

During the pandemic, what nice things have you done for other people?  What nice things have other people done for you?

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The pandemic has laid bare the problems in our society.  Over the last year, racism, poverty, housing, women’s status, ageism and ableism have frequent subjects of newspaper headlines. 

While these problems didn’t start during the pandemic, it certainly made them worse and harder to ignore. 

How can our community support these issues?

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Do you have more info?

Do you know the story behind a photo in the exhibition?  Do you want to share your experiences of the pandemic?