Wander Queen's Park

Wander Queen's Park reflects on the unceded territory of the Halq'eméylem speaking peoples.

This refers to a language group that more widely encompasses the Indigenous people who used and continue to use this land.

Using QR codes, Wander Queen's Park is an activity that encourages people to explore the park, reflect upon its history and reimagine what it could have been if others were part of its design.

This program is a collaboration between Museums & Heritages, Arts Services, and New Media Gallery.  It runs in Queen's Park for the month of July.  

The museum's contribution reflects upon the park's creation and evolution using archival photos and records.

If you are not able to visit the park and use the QR codes in person, reflect by clicking on the links below:

Wander Welcome to the Zoo

Wander The Hedge

Wander The Bears Den

Wander The Flag and Bandshell

Wander The Trail

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