What Canada Means to Me

Explore and celebrate our multicultural city with New Westminster Poet Laureate Alan Hill. Discover the power of the written word as a way of sharing experiences and what being Canadian means to you.  Realize a new poetic talent or develop skills you have. Find exciting new ways of telling and sharing your story, meet new friends and reconnect with people in your community.  No previous writing experience is needed. This workshop series is part of the City of New Westminster's Canada 150 celebrations. 

The Narrow Road to the Far West: Travelling New Westminster by Postcard

This collection of poems is my, very personal, tribute to some of the places that have meant most to me in my time living in New Westminster and my time, so far, as Poet Laureate.  This book is an exploration of my own mental and geographical landscape, but I hope you will find poems here that resonate with your own lives. Like poets everywhere, I have dug in to explore the general in the very particular, the heaven in a wild flower, universe in grain if sand; or in this case pub or dollar store.  As I am a parent of small children and you will notice in these poems a proliferation of parks, play areas and open spaces.  Don’t hold that against me as there is a great deal here for all to enjoy. Keep your mind open, your sense of humour sharpened and follow me. Let me be your guide.  Would you like me to come and read to your group, help you write your very own postcard poems about our City? Let me know!    - , Poet Laureate of the City of New Westminster, April 2018.