Fresh Talk

New Media Gallery, in partnership with the New Westminster Cultural Services, presents Speaker Series program Fresh Talk. Bringing together artists, writers, scientists, scholars, critical thinkers and community members, this program offers a forum for interdisciplinary discussions related to the themes and concepts of NMG exhibitions. Presented six times a year, Fresh Talk is a free, curated selection of guest speakers who will engage with and explore the divergent lines of inquiry at the heart of each NMG exhibition. With an interdisciplinary approach, Fresh Talk is open to and inclusive of a wide ranging audience, reflecting the diversity of interpretation, engagement and knowledge of contemporary new media practices. For information or email updates, contact

Upcoming Fresh Talk events

Perseids + Poetry: Meteor Showers over Pier Park

Join New Westminster-based critically acclaimed poet, Geoffrey Nilson, and astrophysicist and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medalist, Jaymie Matthews, for a unique evening event. Scheduled during the annual appearance of the Perseid meteor shower, our guest speakers will lead you on a poetic, galactic journey, examining  the themes and works of the New Media Gallery exhibition space_
Transform your evening with an extra-terrestrial discussion, while considering your bodily experience here on Earth. After the presentations, follow us to Westminster Pier Park where you can gaze up at the night sky, and potentially get a glimpse of this summer's mesmerizing meteoric event. All ages welcome, bring your own blanket. Hot beverages will be served.

Anvil Centre Theatre / Westminster Pier Park
Friday August 12th
7:00 - 8:00pm / 8:30 - 10:30pm

For Your Eyes Only (19+)

What is the difference between looking and seeing? How does this shape social interaction? How do we decipher another's emotional expressions? Like a first date, interview or serendipitous encounter, take time to gaze into the eyes of a friend or stranger at this intimate evening that explores the primacy of vision and conditions of witnessing, observing and seeing. Join us for a tour and discussion that engages questions of looking, examines how eyes trace facial features and interpret expressions, and our willingness or capacity to look deeply into the eyes of another. Wine will be served.

New Media Gallery
Thursday October 6th
6:00 - 8:00pm

Past Fresh Talk events

Rosemary Oh-McGinnis

Marina Roy

Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda