Nuisance Activity

Due in part to the ongoing pandemic, the community is grappling with increased homelessness and otherconcerns such as graffiti and unsightly vacant premises.We are committed to reducing the resulting impacts to businesses and residents of New Westminster.
The Nuisance Activity Reducing/ Reporting/ Resources Info Sheet with concrete tips and contact information is good for both businesses and residents alike. 
The New Westminster Helping Hands brochure contains contact information for a number of social service providers in the City. 

What's Happening: 

Increased homelessness and nuisance activity, which New Westminster and other Metro Vancouver municipalities are experiencing, is due to the following factors:
  • Reductions in shelter capacity due to physical distancing requirements
  • Employment and income disruption
  • Reluctance on behalf of family and friends to temporarily accommodate people due to fear of virus transmission

A Proactive Approach:

Increased enforcement only shifts the issues
elsewhere but does not lead to any real
resolution. The City is working towards proactive
solutions to address the identified concerns
by partnering with a number of non-profit
Some of the work we are doing can be found on the Social Planning page
Recently, on May 17, 2021, City Council approved a Homelessness Response Strategy. You can read the Council report here that outlines short term and long term strategies. 


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    Phone: 604-527-4657