Reporting a Power Outage

To report power outages in New Westminster, call 604-239-6100.

Unplanned outages are usually a result of animal contact, vehicle accidents, severe weather, equipment failure, or other unexpected events. When an outage occurs, our crews work to identify the cause, assess the situation, and then complete required repairs.

The outage line will be updated with information as quickly as possible; however, it can take at least 60 minutes from the time of the outage before detailed information can be provided. Every outage is unique and it can be difficult to predict power restoration times. Rest assured, when the power goes out, New Westminster Electrical Utility crews are working hard to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.

If you see downed power lines, or sparks or fires around power lines, call 911 and stay clear from any wires.

To stay up to date and receive the latest outage information, please call the power outage report line 604-239-6100, follow us on Twitter @New_Westminster and Facebook @newwestminster, and check the homepage of our website. 

To learn how to prepare your home for a power outage, please click here.