District Energy

The City is exploring the possibility of a District Energy System to serve the Sapperton area, in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Royal Columbian Hospital site, to provide clean, renewable, low-cost energy.  Staff are now working with the community and key stakeholders to discuss the proposed system and identify any concerns that need to be addressed.

The location of the system’s energy centre would be on a City-owned site in the Braid Industrial Area at 435 Canfor Avenue. 

Two renewable energy options are being considered:

  1. Sewer heat recovery, in which heat is extracted from Metro Vancouver’s nearby main sewer line using heat pumps.
  2. Wood chip combustion, in which high-efficiency boilers use wood chips as fuel to produce hot water. The wood chip combustion option would have state-of-the-art filters that would reduce emissions to very low levels.

These options should not to be confused with “waste-to-energy” incinerators, which produce heat or electricity from the combustion of solid waste, i.e., garbage. Waste-to-energy is not being considered.

Project Information

Open House - June 19, 2014

Open House - November, 2013

For more information, contact Norm Connolly, Community Energy Manager at 604-527-4572 or

Council Reports

  • June 9, 2014 -  Proposed district energy project update, air quality study and Royal Columbian Hospital redevelopment update

  • November 4, 2014 - Preliminary information

Media Release
November 8, 2013