Biodiversity and Natural Areas Strategy

In response to a priority action from the City’s 2018 Environment Strategy and Action Plan, the City is developing a Biodiversity Strategy to meet the goal to “protect and restore the ecological integrity, biodiversity, and connectivity of our natural areas”.

The term “biodiversity” describes the variety of life found in an ecosystem or habitat. When many forms of life have the habitat and resources they need to survive, this often coincides with an increase in biodiversity. As New Westminster continues to grow, innovative planning and citizen engagement can help to increase the amount and quality of its natural areas and environment. This benefits not only wildlife but also improves the livability of our city, helping it to achieve its goal of reducing the impacts of climate change.

We would like your input! Please provide comments on how to improve biodiversity throughout the city and feel free to add photos of your favorite natural areas or wildlife spottings on this interactive map (please note that you may need to use Chrome to view the map).

Visit the Biodiversity and Natural Areas Strategy map.

A public information session about the Biodiversity & Natural Areas Strategy was held on-line on September 16, 2020.

View the presentation.

Please feel to contact should you have any questions