Community Vision Statement

Beyond the inventory data and an understanding of best management practices, the Urban Forest Management Strategy will be guided by community vision. The following vision statement was developed from feedback provided at the first Public Open House, and collaboration with municipal staff and Council’s Environment and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committees:

New Westminster’s urban forest is a beautiful and beloved public resource, providing refuge, education and recreation within the City.

Urban trees have been carefully planted, protected and maintained to clean the air, enhance habitat, capture carbon, manage stormwater and maximize benefits to our City’s environmental health and quality of life.

Great planning and management has created a renowned urban experience of diverse, colourful and comfortable, well-treed streets and boulevards that connect with neighbourhood parks and natural areas.

The City’s management policies include measurable objectives, priority actions and regulatory mechanisms, ensuring strategic, efficient and effective coordination between public and private partners.

Homeowners and developers play an increasingly significant role in urban forest enhancement with protection and planning on private lands.

Community members of all walks of life care for the urban forest as a shared priority and defining feature of what makes New Westminster such a great place to live.