Implementation of the strategy

Implementation of the strategy

In January 2016, City Council approved the Urban Forest Management Strategy.

Three overarching goals and nine key objectives emerged as part of the Strategy’s development and these form the future implementation of this plan:

1. PROTECT New Westminster’s urban forest and its benefits to our community by:

  • Increasing canopy cover to 27% city-wide.
  • To protect the existing canopy cover.
  • Adapting the urban forest population to a changing climate.

2. ENHANCE all aspects of the urban forest and its management within New Westminster by:

  • Updating policy, guidelines and best management practices to support urban forest enhancement.
  • Enhancing the tree care program by increasing resourcing and information management system capability.
  • Improving urban forest diversity by planting no more than 10% of any species, 20% of any genus and 30% of any family.
  • Improving environmental health by establishing goals for Environmentally Sensitive Areas and complementary naturescaping guidelines for adjacent lands.

3. ENGAGE all community stakeholders involving issues related to urban forest management by:

  • Developing an urban forest stewardship program to build community ownership of the urban forest, and;
  • Working with departments internally to improve integration of trees and green infrastructure into integrated stormwater management, greenhouse gas and air quality management, and to improve long-term tree health outcomes.