Watercourse & Riparian Area Protection

The Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) is a provincial policy directive which came into effect on March 31, 2006. Its intent is to protect riparian areas and the natural features and functions that support fish life processes. RAR affects local governmental approvals for new residential, commercial and industrial developments around watercourses considered fish habitat. The approaches to protect riparian areas around watercourses in New Westminster include the following:

Fraser River and Brunette River: For development applications in these areas, a default 30 metre setback on both sides of the river (to top of bank) will be established. Development applications within the 30 metre setback will require assessment by a qualified environmental professional (QEP).

Queensborough Ditches: Guidelines were created related to development and work activities around the various constructed watercourses on Queensborough. A number of ditches are subject to RAR (see map).

For more information about RAR and development around riparian areas, please see our Riparian Area Regulation brochure (PDF).

Did you know?
The province is providing a consistent approach to addressing the potential impact of residential, commercial and industrial activity on the riparian fish habitat. For more information on the RAR, please visit the BC Government website.