Please DO NOT include

*Small amounts of grease wiped with paper towel can now be included into your green bin.  For more information, see Metrovancouver's wipe it/green bin it!


TIP: Kitchen catchers or a plastic container with a lid are handy to temporarily store your food scraps in before emptying into the Cleaner, Greener cart. Lining with newspaper or brown paper bags may help make cleaning up easier. Brown bags in kitchen catcher sizes are now available for purchase at local retailers.

Current City Bylaws prohibit outdoor burning at any time.


Freezing Temperatures: During the colder months, food scraps may freeze to the bottom of your cart. As such, you may wish to line the bottom of your cart with newspaper and layer yard trimmings with food scraps or newspaper.


Cleaner, Greener collection will be collected weekly, all year round. Please refer to the Collection Schedule for more details.

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