Recycling Depot

The City Recycling Depot is permanently closed. New Westminster will join the new Metro Vancouver regional transfer facility being built on United Boulevard in Coquitlam anticipated to open in late 2020. For more information about the relocation of the recycling depot, please visit our project on the go page. 

If you plan to visit a Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Facility there are some changes you should be aware of due to COVID-19.

These changes include:

  • Consider delaying your visit unless absolutely necessary. Store any dry recyclables and other items at home temporarily.

  • Stay home if you are in quarantine or self-isolation related to COVID-19.

  • Place the following items in bags for disposal: used tissues, sanitary wipes (even those labeled compostable or flushable), paper towels, napkins, cleaning cloths, face masks, gloves, and similar items. Double bag these items if you are sick or caring for someone who is sick.

  • Curious about other nearby locations where you can take your recycling? A compiled list of alternative recycling locations can be found here: Recycling_Facilities_New_West.pdf

    Coquitlam Transfer Station (existing) - 1200 United Blvd.
    Free for New Westminster residents to drop-off recyclables and yard trimmings. Proof of residency required.

    Encorp Pacific Return-It Depots:

    • Queensborough Landing - Unit A, 409 Boyne St.
      Accepts beverage containers, batteries, cell phones, electronics, small appliances, infant car seats ($10 fee), lights, packaging, paper, paint, and textiles.
    • Sapperton - Unit 21, 79 Braid St.
      Accepts beverage containers, electronics, packaging, paper, and textiles.
    • Salvation Army - 774 Columbia St.
      Accepts electronics and small appliances.
    • Edmonds - 7496 Edmonds St. 
      Accepts beverage containers, batteries, electronics, small appliances, lights, packaging, paper, paint, and textiles.

      For more information on locations and acceptable items, please visit


    London Drugs - 555 Sixth Street (Westminster Centre Mall)
    Accepts electronics, lights, small appliances, packaging, soft plastic bags, other flexible plastic packaging.

    Grocery Stores - various locations
    Check your local grocery store for list of acceptable items.

  • To accommodate the recycling needs of resident during the transition period between the closure of the New Westminster depot and the opening of the new Metro Vancouver regional transfer facility, the City of New Westminster will be offering a series of one-day recycling events.

        Services Offered
    Location Date Glass EPS (Styrofoam) OFPP Textiles Car Seats Compost Give-Away
    Fourth St. Parking Lot (Tipperary Park) April 18

    Queensborough (Starlight Casino) June 20

    Fourth St. Parking Lot (Tipperary Park) August 22

    Queensborough (Starlight Casino) October 24

    Fourth St. Parking Lot (Tipperary Park) December 12

    More details on these pop-up recycling events will be coming in early 2020. 
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