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** Can be recycled at the Salvation Army at 774 Columbia Street (rear entrance).
*** Can be recycled in the blue bin outside Lord Kelvin and Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary, or Glenbrook and Queensborough Middle Schools.

For information on where to take these items, please contact the RCBC hotline at 604-732-9253.

Please Note:

The Depot now accepts rechargeable and non-rechargeable household batteries. Recycling your household batteries keeps heavy metals out of landfills and allows for safe separation and recovery of materials for re-use!

Or if you wish to dispose of only the rechargeable battery types (e.g. nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion), “The Source” by Circuit City, London Drugs, and Lowes in New Westminster recycle them for free.

Unfortunately the Depot no longer accepts computers or computer accessories; however you can recycle computers and/or computer accessories through the Salvation Army (Encorp Program) at 774 Columbia Street at the rear entrance.

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