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Fire Codes and Bylaws


Please see Section 26 of the Fire Protection Bylaw for Fireworks regulations.

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Outdoor Burning

Open burning of yard waste, construction materials or garbage is a potential fire hazard. It also impacts the air quality in our region. New Westminster Fire Protection Bylaw 6940 prohibits the open air burning of any garden refuse, any and all waste material from construction sites or any land clearing materials.

Outdoor Fire Places

A great variety of outdoor fireplaces are for sale at hardware stores and garden centres. Although they are legal to sell, they are illegal to use within the City boundaries. The City’s Bylaw states: “No person shall at any time start, light, ignite or burn, or knowingly permit or cause to be started, lighted, ignited or burn any fire of any kind whatsoever in the open air or in any portable incinerator or other portable appliance or device whatsoever in the open air, except where such fire is contained within a portable appliance or device and is used solely for the cooking and preparation of food and is fuelled by propane, natural gas or charcoal.”

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