Street Occupancy Permit Application

Please allow up to 5 business days to process your Street Occupancy Permit application.  Ensure your application is complete, and that your Traffic Management Plan has been carefully prepared by a qualified traffic management professional.


Applicant address

Occupancy details

Purpose of street occupancy
(Please note: If pay station/metered parking stall(s) are required, additional rental charges apply. See fee schedule.)


Refer to the Fees page for a complete schedule of applicable fees.

Please note the following fees:

Street Occupancy Permits that require the use of on-street parking space are subject to a one-time fee of $51.00 for the installation and removal of temporary no parking signs.

Street Occupancy Permits that require a Traffic Management Plan are subject to a $102 application fee. See the Fees page for more information and exceptions.

Supplemental attachments (if applicable)

Please note: Maximum file size is 64 MB per file. Maximum total size for all files combined including Supplemental Attachments (below) is 64 MB.
Traffic Management Plan
Proof of Insurance
Prime Contractor Designation Form
Other documents (if more than one, please update in a ZIP file)


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