What is a protected tree?

A permit is required to remove or cut a protected tree. Protected trees include the following:

  • Trees with a diameter of ≥ 20cm when measured at 1.3m (4' 3") above grade
  • Trees with more than one stem, the combined diameter of its two largest trunks or stems is ≥ 20cm
  • Trees with evidence of nesting birds
  • Trees that do not meet the size requirements but were a condition of a plan or permit approval
  • A hedge that is ≥ 5m in height
  • Trees/shrubs of any size on all City-owned or occupied lands

How to measure your tree(s):

  1. Measure diameter at 1.3m (4' 3") above grade*
  2. The circumference can then be divided by 3.1416 to obtain the diameter
  3. With a multi-stem tree, measure diameter of the two largest stems then add them together

*If you do not have a diameter tape, you can determine the diameter of a tree by measuring the circumference of a tree trunk, at 1.3m above ground level, with a regular measuring tape (like measuring your waist size)

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