Resident Applicants

The Tree Bylaw review process brought to light the need for two separate applicant streams. We needed to create a less financially taxing way for single family homeowners who are undertaking minor improvements to their homes or removing a hazardous tree. The Resident Applicant category is the result of those discussions.

Resident Applicant: means a person who is both an owner and a resident of the lot who applies for a permit under the tree bylaw to cut or remove one or more trees on the lot for the purpose of:

  • Removing a hazardous tree
  • Constructing an addition or alteration to and existing dwelling; or
  • Constructing an accessory building that is NOT a dwelling


Resident Applicant Fees & Securities:

  • There is no longer an application fee or permit fee for the removal of a hazardous tree
  • Replacement tree securities have been reduced and now have a maximum limit
  • 40% of replacement tree securities will be refunded once the trees have been planted and the remaining 60% returned at the end of the one year maintenance period.


Application Requirements:

  • Arborist report requirement may be waived if the lot contains three or fewer protected trees with zero specimen trees (DBH >60cm) and the proposed work on the lot is considered not to be complex with minimal impact to trees.
  • Tree protection barrier reports may be waived if:
    • The Resident Applicant requests that the City Arborist conduct a tree protection barrier inspection and agrees to the associated fees
    • Costs: $75 for the initial barrier inspection and $10 for each additional barrier
    • $75 for re-inspections if the barriers fail the initial inspection

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