Fees and Securities

Fees and securities for resident applicant:

Application Fee


Permit Fee

$75.00 per tree

Securities or cash-in-lieu per general replacement tree (20-59cm)

$500.00 max $2,500.00

Securities or cash-in-lieu per specimen replacement tree (>60cm)

$5,000.00 max 10,000.00

Maximum combined security or cash-in-lieu for all replacement trees is $10,000.00


Fees and securities for applicants:

Application Fee


Permit Fee protected tree 20-59cm 1-10 trees $75.00 per tree
Permit Fee 11 or more trees $150.00 per tree
Security or cash-in-lieu per general replacement trees $500.00
Security or cash-in-lieu specimen replacement trees $10,000.00
No maximum or cap on fees and securities for Applicants


  • Tree Bylaw and Regulation Department