Supporting Documents – Hazard Tree

  • Documentation/photos to confirm that the hazardous tree poses an imminent risk to the public or property
  • Letter from adjacent property owner permitting removal of a shared tree
  • Tree survey and permission from neighbours to cut shared tree(s) or structural roots
  • A written letter of consent from the Strata Council if the tree you wish to remove is located on strata property
  • A report from a plumber and arborist certifying that the roots of the tree are interfering with, blocking, or damaging a drainage or sewage system
  • A report from an arborist that the tree is causing damage to property, including damage to roofs, foundations, retaining walls and sidewalks, that standard arboriculture practices cannot rectify
  • A Tree Replacement and/or Tree Protection Plan


Downloadable forms for application


  • Tree Bylaw and Regulation Department