Replacement Trees

Tree removal permits have a 2:1 replacement tree requirement (hedges are 1 tree per every 4m of hedge). See our updated replacement tree list. Replacement trees must be planted 6 months after permit has been issued. The main goal of the replacement tree program is to help maintain our urban forest canopy but also plant the right tree in the right place. This means that all trees should be planted in a space that would allow them to grow to their mature size and shape without interfering with structures or above or below ground utilities. All replacement trees and their planting locations must be approved by a City Arborist before planting.

If there is a tree you are wanting to plant but it is not on our list please call or email us to confirm it would be an approved species. 604-636-4318 or

All replacements must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 3-5cm caliper "diameter of a tree at 15 cm above the natural grade of the ground, measured from the base of the tree"
  • Minimum height of 5m (20ft) at maturity - approximately 25 years of age
  • No weeping or dwarf species
  • No fruit bearing species such as apple, pear, plum, cherry, and peach.


Currently we are not accepting Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) as replacement trees. As of now they make up 40% of our planted replacement trees and we are aiming for greater diversity in our urban forest. Some exceptions can be made but must have City Arborist approval prior to planting.

  • Tree Bylaw and Regulation Department