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Whistle Cessation - Downtown Rail Crossings

As a part of their joint whistle cessation project, the City of New Westminster and the railways will implement whistle cessation at the following two crossings located in downtown in the next few weeks:

Begbie Street at Front Street, and Front Street at Fourth Street

Except in cases of emergency, trains will no longer blow whistles approaching this crossing but will continue to ring the locomotive signal bell until the crossing is fully occupied. All residents and motorists in the area are reminded that “any time is train time” and to keep clear of tracks at all times and obey the crossing warning system.

For more information on whistle cessation at all crossings, please visit our train whistle cessation webpage.

For more information, contact:

Roger Emanuels, A. Sc.T.             
Manager, Design and Construction
Engineering Department

City of New Westminster
511 Royal Avenue,
New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9   Phone: 604.527.4540

Date posted:April 20, 2017