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Northbound vehicle lane of McInnes Overpass closed to allow for more physical distancing
Effective Tuesday, April 14, the northbound lane of the McInnes Overpass will be closed to vehicular traffic to allow for more physical distancing. The lane will be open for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized users to connect between Quayside and Downtown New Westminster and the SkyTrain without having to worry about close interactions on the narrow sidewalk. The southbound lane will remain open for motorists to access the Quayside neighbourhood and businesses. Motorists leaving the area will need to use Begbie Street or the Third Avenue overpass.
City staff will be actively monitoring this change and unless we see significant challenges, we expect this measure to be in place until such time as the public health orders are relaxed. Thank you for your cooperation.
Date posted:April 14, 2020