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Westminster Pier Park Fire Recovery Update

Recovery and restoration efforts related to Westminster Pier Park timber wharf fire - UPDATE

March 4, 2021

Upcoming Road Impacts

As part of the Westminster Pier Park recovery and restoration efforts, the City of New Westminster’s contractor, Luxton Construction Inc., is scheduled to start work along Front Street from March 8 until March 29, 2021, weather dependent.  During the week of March 8 to March 12, traffic will be reduced to single lane alternating traffic between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please note that periodic temporary lane closures may be also be required from March 13 to March 29.

While some traffic delays can be expected, we will endeavor to minimize disruption as much as possible. However, as with a project of this nature, some disruption is inevitable. 

In-Water Work

The City of New Westminster has completed the demolition of the pier including the removal of all debris and piles from the river surface and shoreline. Work has also been completed to stabilize the shoreline next to the rail lines.

Work is underway, in consultation with First Nations, Provincial, and Federal regulatory agencies and appropriate professionals, to remove sunken debris and mitigate any adverse environmental impacts on the Fraser River riverbed. Part of this in-water work includes water and sediment sampling. This work started January 4, 2021 and is anticipated to be complete at the end of February 2021, weather dependent.

Please note, noise from tug boats, machinery, pumps and generators is anticipated, however is not expected to be louder than a highway diesel truck. Beginning Saturday January 16, 2021 work will also take place on Saturdays starting at 7am. These extended hours are required to meet the permitted in-river fisheries window schedule of February 28, 2021, ensuring the work is completed as quickly as possible under the Provincial Ministry of Environment emergency mandate. 

For questions or concerns, please contact Amir Aminpour, Engineering Projects Manager at or 604-527-3796

Westminster Pier Park Reopening

Re-opening of the park for public use is contingent on the re-establishment of a secondary emergency services access point from Front Street. A second means of access to the park was eliminated as a result of the fire. The City is working with CP Rail to establish a new emergency and service vehicle crossing into the park.

A final clean-up of the site (including the washroom and concession building) is being completed. Westminster Pier Park is anticipated to re-open in April 2021, weather dependent.

Front Street Parkade Reopening

The Front Street Parkade is fully reopened to the public.

Date posted:February 26, 2021