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Mandatory Mask Requirement

As per the November 24, 2020, Ministerial Order, masks are mandatory for everyone 12 years and older in all public indoor settings and workplaces.

This includes public indoor settings such as all retail stores, libraries, community and recreation centres, restaurants and bars when not seated at a table, sport and fitness facilities, public transportation, places of worship, and common areas in apartment buildings and condos.  

For workplaces, this includes common areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained such as elevators, hallways, break rooms etc. 

Disposable masks are available at all facilities for anyone who does not have one. Individuals who are medically exempt, along with children under the age of two years are not required to wear a mask. Children between the ages of 2 and 11 are encouraged to wear a mask. Masks may be mandatory while participating in a sport or fitness activity. 

Please note, masks are not required for City staff when they are working in a personal office or workstation, when behind a Plexiglas barrier and physical distancing is maintained, or when working outdoors and physical distancing is maintained. 

More information can be found on the Province of BC website.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Disposing of PPE

Choosing reusable personal protective equipment (PPE), such as fabric masks, and soap or hand sanitizer instead of gloves, is better for the environment and your wallet.

Single-use personal hygiene items like face masks, gloves, used tissues, sanitary wipes (even those labeled compostable or flushable), paper towels, napkins, etc. cannot be recycled or placed in the greens bin. Please place these items securely in a garbage bin. 

Click here to learn more how to care for your reusable PPE and how to safely dispose of single-use masks or gloves when they are the only option available.

Date posted:November 26, 2020