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City and School District: Working together to support the arts in New Westminster through Massey Theatre transfer

The City of New Westminster and New Westminster Schools (School District No. 40) are proud to announce that they are in the final stages of an agreement that will facilitate the sale of the Massey Theatre and a surrounding parcel of land, transferring ownership from the District to the City.

New Westminster Schools has been the owner of Massey Theatre and long-time landlord to the Massey Theatre Society – including both the theatre and gallery space connected to the old New Westminster Secondary School. As the project to replace the high school is moving into the Phase 2 decommissioning and deconstruction work, it was time to pass the management of the space on to someone else. And that’s where the City of New Westminster has stepped in as a natural partner.

For the cost of one dollar, the City of New Westminster will purchase the Massey Theatre and an adjacent section of land, building on the District’s years of support for this local icon and hub within the New Westminster arts community.

Following the completion of the land transfer agreement with the District, the City of New Westminster will finalize a new lease and working agreement with the Massey Theatre Society. The agreement will establish a reciprocally beneficial operating model that aligns with the City’s Strategic Plan, Arts Strategy and Theatre Strategy, leveraging the resources, assets, skill and expertise of the Massey Theatre Society to deliver services on behalf of the City. 

Given the historical significance of the overall property, both parties have ensured and agreed that future use of the space should consider and recognize the diverse cultural heritage of the site and should respect all groups who have historical connections to the site.

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Date posted:September 27, 2021