Required Documentation

Geotechnical Report and Soils Investigation* (see Geotechnical Report & Soils Investigation Requirements below)

The application must be accompanied by two sets of plans - A1 size paper and one 11x17 copy drawn to scale*:

  • Cross-Sections showing property boundaries, existing ground elevations, proposed fill elevations, finish fill grades and side slopes and or proposed retaining walls.
  • Detailed perimeter drainage design showing the perimeter drainage pipe, cleanouts, ditches, swales, catch basins, and dimensions in relation to the property lines.
  • Detailed plans showing site details such as the proposed building envelope, location of adjacent buildings and structures within 6.0 meters of the property line, elevations of the existing, proposed and finish fill elevations, location of drainage swales, direction of surface flow, location of ditches, culverts, utilities and other relevant infrastructure.

*must be original, signed and sealed by a Geotechnical Engineer registered in the Province of British Columbia