Misting Stations

13 Locations

Operational May - September

Misting stations are available across the city to help keep people cool and hydrated during hot summer months. The blue posts feature a mister and a bottle filler and are a part of the City’s cooling strategy.  

There are 13 misting stations in strategic locations across the city: 

  1. New Westminster Public Library (716 Sixth Avenue)
  2. Century House (Bus Stop - 620 Eighth Street)
  3. Rocky Point Ice Cream (500 Sixth Avenue)
  4. Twelfth and London (918 Twelfth Street)
  5. Twelfth and Nanaimo (621 Twelfth Street)
  6. Jack Mahony - Crosstown Greenway (701 Park Crescent)
  7. Thompson Landing (188 Dockside Court)
  8. Ewen and Jardine (1129 Ewen Avenue)
  9. Sukh Sugar (709 Ewen Avenue)
  10. Agnes Street Greenway (478 Agnes Street)
  11. Tipperary Park
  12. Simcoe Park
  13. Port Royal Park

See the locations on the Stay Cool Map.