Registration Procedure & Limitations


Due to COVID-19 and the closure of recreation facilities, we are only able to sell programs and services in two ways:

a)  Online Sales all online sales will require an account and payment (as applicable) using a credit card or EFT transaction; or

b)  Phone: sales can be completed through staff from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, daily, by calling 604.526.4281. All phone sales will require a client account and credit card payment (as applicable) or an EFT payment if this information is available on your client account.

Sales Limitations

To help ensure your safety and to help reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19, the Province of BC requires us to ensure physical distancing. This will mean less people can participate in our summer services and spaces. Unfortunately this required service reduction has resulted in new registration restrictions to help accommodate residents and the highest number individuals. Restrictions include:

Day Camps: an individual can only register for two one-week discovery day camp sessions (i.e. two-weeks maximum).

Moody Park Outdoor Pool: Drop-in swims will require reservations via the sales process and be limited to approximately one week ahead. More information will be available in July.

Residency: New Westminster’s residents will receive the ability to register prior to non-residents. 

  • June 23 - residents may register
  • June 29 - both residents and non-residents may register
  • July 6 - if there are still unsold discovery day camps, registration sales will be opened to everyone and you will be able to purchase as many day camps as available and desired.