Swimming FAQ

Q: What measures are in place to keep me safe? 
A: We have carefully calculated the number of people allowed into the facility to maintain appropriate physical distancing. We have enhanced our cleaning procedures throughout the facility. Our re-opening plan has been approved by public health.

Q: Can COVID-19 be transferred through water?  
A: There is no evidence that COVID-19 can survive in pools that are properly monitored and treated with the use of chlorine. The pool is electronically and manually monitored for appropriate chemical treatment.

Q: Will City of New Westminster be enforcing physical distancing in and around the facility? 
A: Markers and directional arrows will be placed around the pool facility. In the pool, lifeguards have been instructed to notify parents from different households to stay at least 2 metres apart. There will be markers in the pool to show Aquafit class participants where to stand.

Q: Why is the swim just one hour and why can I only come to the pool twice a week?
A: In order to accommodate as much of the community as possible we are operating at a reduced capacity and limiting bookings. Additional bookings may be accommodated, space permitting, after 8:30 am on the date of the session.

Q: Can I swim in a different area from what I booked?
A: No. Swimmers must stay within the area booked as each section has a maximum occupancy level.

Q: If I am registered for a Leisure swim with two other people can I choose to not attend and give my spot to another person I know or family member?
A: No. Only patrons who are registered under their correct name may enter the facility. If you choose to withdraw, your spot will go to the next person on the waitlist and cannot be used to register another person of your choosing. 

Q: Will the slide/rock wall/deep end be open? 
A: The deep end will be strictly used for length swimming, water walking and exercise, diving and deep-water play will not be available. 

The rock wall and slide will not be available.

Q: Can I use a change room?
A: There will be very limited change room availability and only a few showers available. Please come prepared in your swimming attire prior to entering the facility and to plan to go home to shower and change after the swim.  Please note that these will be universal change rooms.

Q: When will I be allowed into the facility? 
A: Swimmers are allowed into the facility prior to the start of their booked swim time. Please arrive at least minimum of 5 minutes prior to your swim so that we may check you in but no more than 15 minutes prior to your swim. 

Q: Will the water fountains be open? Can I bring food? 
A: Water fountains will not be available. Please bring your own drinking water. Food is not allowed on the deck and must be eaten outside of the pool area. 

Q: What happens if I am running late?
A: The doors will remain open up to 15 minutes into the scheduled swim or class and then they will be closed. If you arrive late, your swim time will not be extended. If you miss your swim booking, you will forfeit the booking and have to rebook at another day and time. 

Q: Can I book for my children but not come with them?
A: Yes. Anyone 7 years of age or older may swim on their own. We strongly recommend that any child that is not a strong swimmer have a parent or guardian present and they stay within arms’ reach. 

Q: Can I watch my children swim?
A: Yes, but all patrons entering the facility are required to pre-register and pay before entering. You are welcome to watch from outside the fence if you are not registered to come in. 

Q: Can I bring my own toys?
A: Yes. Small pool toys and noodles are welcome. Sorry, inflatable toys are not allowed.