Sustainable Transportation Task Force

Chair: Mayor Cote

Meetings: Bi-Monthly.  

Mandate: The mandate of the Sustainable Transportation Task Force is to provide recommendations and strategic advice to City Council on:

  1. Implementation of the Master Transportation Plan (MTP) actions and policies with respect to inclusive and sustainable transportation that supports everyone.
  2. Prioritizing vulnerable road users as the City advances the Sustainable Transportation strategic priority key directions.
  3. Implementing sustainable transportation initiatives in response to the Climate Emergency.
  4. Sustainable transportation and road safety priorities and associated budgets.
  5. Leveraging the development approvals process to achieve infrastructure improvements and other changes in support of Sustainable Transportation.
  6. Reviewing and updating related plans and policies.

The task force will provide recommendations to Council for actions that may be taken by the City or in collaboration with others.

For more information regarding the Sustainable Transportation Task Force, please see the Terms of Reference.

Contact:  I 604-527-6251


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