Environment & Climate Task Force

Chair: Mayor Cote

Meetings: Bi-Monthly.  

Mandate: The mandate of the Environment and Climate Task Force is to promote bold action to address the climate emergency and meet the City’s greenhouse gas reduction targets to keep global temperature increases below 1.5oC while also protecting New Westminster’s ecosystems and urban forest. This will include support for energy conservation, renewable energy, and implementing adaptation and resilience strategies to prepare the community for the unavoidable impacts that climate change will bring, with special consideration to those who are most vulnerable. The task force will provide recommendations to Council for actions that may be taken by the City or in collaboration with others.

For more information regarding the Environment and Climate Task Force, please see the Terms of Reference.

Contact:  I 604-527-6251


January 6 Agenda Package Minutes
February 10 Agenda Package Minutes
April 6 No Meeting n/a
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