Traffic Calming

The City’s Traffic Calming Policy is intended to provide a framework for the identification and prioritization of neighbourhood traffic calming requirements as well as the process for implementing temporary, interim and permanent traffic calming measures in a cost effective manner that involves the participation of local residents and businesses.

View the Traffic Calming Policy here.

A number of neighbourhoods and areas have been identified for the creation of new traffic calming plans, updates to existing plans, or integration into larger Transportation Planning programs. Each of the programs includes a multi-phase engagement process with local residents, businesses and representative groups to identify key issues and concerns, and provide feedback on proposed measures prior to being presented to Council for approval. The full engagement process is outlined at the launch of each program.

traffic calming/ transportation Plans

Since late 2016, staff have been working on a number of traffic calming and transportation neighbourhood plans. This work is intended to update existing plans to better meet the current issues and pressures within each neighbourhood, as well as identify improvements for all modes of travel (walking, cycling, taking transit, vehicle movement) to address issues of safety, livability and connectivity within the community. As each of these plans is updated, the revised documents will be available.

Implementing the Plans

Improvement and measures identified within each of the plans are  neighbourhood-wide or site-specific, and are implements through a variety of methods such as Local Area Service improvements, as part of city-wide capital and operating budgets for maintenance/replacement, and through city-led projects using grants and other funding opportunities, or through future developments. Full implementation timelines within each plan is dependent on a number of factors including capital plan allocation, size and scale of developments in the neighbourhood, and prioritization with other neighbourhood improvements identified throughout the city.